Birthday Party Planning

My smallest mini-monster’s birthday is coming up, and I am not ashamed to

say that parties used to fill me with dread! The pressure to get everything right and make it the most wondrous day of your wee one’s life can be overwhelming and then I came to the realisation that it doesn’t need to be perfect, it doesn’t need to be innovative,boundary-pushing or picture perfect.  Aim for fun and if you don’t get it quite right, down worry, there will be another one next year


Choosing a theme can be a great starting point for party planner and will help guide the process, base the theme on your kids interest for the best success.

If you have gone with a character, movie or tv series as your theme you can easily find themed table ware online or at a party supply shop.  Branded paper goods like Star Wars or Paw Patrol can be expensive, consider going with thematic colours or patterns and save your budget for food and activities.


Keep it simple and small! Small portions of everything will help prevent you from finding half eaten sandwiches and sausage rolls scattered around your house in the days after the party.

Cupcake liners or cases are a great way to handle portion control of snacks and sweeties and depending on what you serve you might not even need plates! 

Skewers of fruit, sandwiches cut into fun shapes and colourful veggies makes for very appealing birthday foods.  Giving the different food items thematic names like dried fog spawn for popcorn at a wizard or witchy themed party will jazz up what seems like fairly normal food too.


Keeping party goers busy is a good way to ensure success, keeping the party short is not a bad idea either.  Plan on a party lasting fro 1.5 -2 hours for the pre-teen set.

Start off with open play or crafts that kids can jump right into as people arrive

Once you have all your guests a game or two can help everyone to relax.  Classic games like pass the parcel or musical statures can easily be tailored to your theme.  Going with a dinosaur theme? Make musical statues into musical dinosaurs, where kids freeze in a suitably dinosaur pose.  Pass the parcel can easily become cracking a dino egg or even a hot chunk of lave that you can’t hold onto for too long

A craft activity is a great way to keep party goers engaged and the finished craft can also double as a party favour.

Finish the party with food and cake if you can, not only is cake a good bribery tactic fro the length of the party but eating at the end will make it easier for kids to be picked up.

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