Christmas Gifts

That old adage of ‘what do you get for the person who has everything’ can be a bit of a conundrum around this time of year.  Not to mention just how filled with stuff our lives have become.  Finding a meaningful gift for loved ones can be a daunting process, you want to show that you care but don’t want to land the person with something that just takes up space in their home.  Here are some of our top tips when it comes to getting memorable gifts.


Wine tasting, high teas, rally driving and chocolate making, these are just some of the more popular experiential gifts that are readily available.  Whether you want to break the bank or send a thoughtful gift an experience can be incredibly meaningful and memorable.  If you are giving an experience to a parent consider also offering to babysit their mini-monsters while they do the actual experience.  this will give the recipients one less barrier o taking advantage of your gift. 

Group gifts

This is a great approach for kids birthdays and also works well for group of relatives, and goes along the lines of quality not quantity.  instead of each individual buying a gift in the £15.00 range pool the money to purchase one bigger item that your child actually needs like a bike or scooter.  This approach is definitely not for everyone and requires a fair amount of communication when done between friends.  It can be easier with relatives and you may find that family members thank you for giving them an easy option.

Homemade gifts

Never underestimate the power of a hand crafted gift! You may be surprised by what sorts of things you can make easily and with little fuss. Candied orange peel and flavoured salts are two surprisingly easy gift the you can make with relatively few ingredients.  When it comes to presentation of your gifts a mason jar with silver foil on top and a pretty ribbon tied around the jar can do the trick.  Less is more sometimes.

Doing the actual shopping

Its not always possible or pleasurable to get out to the shops to go gift shopping.  The task becomes even more stressful if you have mini-monsters in tow!  I try and plan a days shopping so I can get the most out of it and not be a completed frazzled mess at the end of it all. I like to plan out which shops I’m going to go into in advance so I am preprepared with a route.  I also build in breaks- lunch and coffee stops can make the difference between a questionable, grumpy impulse buy and a successful day out!

Online shopping

Don’t underestimate the power of an hour or so of online shopping at night after the mini-monsters had been safely tucked up in bed. Shopping from the comfort of your pyjamas can have your Christmas shopping taken care of in a week.  When you are not dazzled by everything in the flesh, so to speak, you can be a bit more objective and simply tick things off your list without agonising over every choice you make.  if you are shopping for people that live a good distance from you take advantage of the delivery options!  The one down side to having gifts sent direct to the recipients is that you wont get to see it in advance and if you want it gift wrapped you will probably have to pay extra but the tree of not having to post something yourself or (remember to bring it with you when visiting) may outweigh those issues. I  have found some great gift ideas at Groupon, especially if you are looking for experiences.

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