The benefits of swimming lessons

The mini-monsters have turned into aquatic monsters this month, we recently received a family pass to our local pool and have been taking full advantage of it! 

I think my favourite part has been to see them gain confidence in the water; the youngest one went from not wanting his face to be near the watery stuff to now splashing around like a seal pup. His swimming style is probably not the most graceful but he is happy and can stay afloat on his own.  I think that we underestimate the importance of learning skills like swimming or cycling.  On the face of it, these skills perhaps don’t seem all that important but the feeling of accomplishment that they bring is oh so important to a child’s development.

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Visiting the Great Outdoors, Indoors

Get out and about they said, it will do you good they said… Well, while I think we can all agree that fresh air is a good thing for mini-monsters it can be hard to do as the days get colder, darker and wetter. Even the most adventurous little ones become less enthused when the rain starts coming at them horizontally, and to be fair, there are only so many places in the house to hang damp coats and dry out wet trainers before this particular monster mummy goes full-scale Hulk.

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